Tube and Shell

Shell and tube heat exchangers produce high output and excellent heat transfer capability. Fabricated from high quality stainless steel, these compact units are particularly useful in applications with high fluid flows and low temperature variations. Helically corrugated tube design allows for higher heat transfer and therefore more efficient use of the energy.

SP line heat exchangers can utilize heat from a variety of sources, i.e. electric and oil-fired boilers, heat pumps, solar systems and are ideally suited for a wide variety of both residential and industrial applications.

Their complete stainless steel welded structure ensures product strength and durability.

Residential Applications:
-In-floor Heating
-Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs
-Driveway Snowmelts

Industrial Applications:
-Oil Coolers
-Transmission & Engine Coolers
-Boiler Sample Coolers
-Waste Water Heat Recovery

-Designed to perform at high fluid velocities with low pressure drops
-Made entirely of high quality, specially treated AISI 361L Stainless Steel to ensure superior corrosion resistance and longer product life
-Induced self-cleaning feature - one less thing to worry about