Stainless Steel Manifolds

Stainless Steel Manifold Series

Premium Quality Right Out of the Box!

Hydroforming process used to construct headers assures superior seal of supply and return isolation valves.

Specifically designed with every feature thoughtfully considered and rigorously tested. the M-8330 stainless steel manifold is designed for use in hydronic heating and cooling systems. Premium quality stainless steel supply header has built-in flow meters to optimize design efficiency. The return header has easy to actuate circuit isolation valves. All assembled parts have superior EPDM O-rings and seals. Each manifold is loosely per-assembled for immediate mounting at the job site.

Key Features:
  • Premium quality and enhanced features for the radiant professional
  • Manufactured from premium 304 stainless steel
  • Versatile and easily adaptable to a variety of mounting configurations
  • EPDM O-rings and seals
  • Built-in visual flow gauges for quick circuit performance verification
  • The flow meters are easy to adjust using the red lock shield to set to the desired gpm
  • Optional 4-wire actuators
  • Angle isolation valve options for tight installations
Products (Total Items: 11 )
M-8330P 2-Port SS Manifold Kit
M-8330P 3-Port SS Manifold Kit
M-8330P 4-Port SS Manifold Kit
M-8330P 5-Port SS Manifold Kit
M-8330P 6-Port SS Manifold Kit
M-8330P 7-Port SS Manifold Kit
M-8330P 8-Port SS Manifold Kit
M-8330P 9-Port SS Manifold Kit
M-8330P 10-Port SS Manifold Kit
M-8330P 11-Port SS Manifold Kit
M-8330P 12-Port SS Manifold Kit