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Specializing in converting hydronic heat to fan forced air heat, Precision Metal Products means quality and comfort in hot water air handlers and unit heaters. HVAC technicians appreciate equipment that is designed for performance & flexibility and our air handlers and unit heaters offer both.

Are you involved with the plumbing, or heating and air conditioning industry? Are you an electrical contractor that sells and installs commercial or residential hot water systems? Then this is the site for you. Whether you are installing a new boiler system or upgrading an old system, if you need to convert that hot water heat to fan forced air heat, then you definitely need a Precision Metal Products air handler or unit heater.

Air Handlers & Unit Heaters Applications Include:

  • Adding extra heat to cold areas
  • Converting hot water into fan forced air
  • Quick recovery systems for use with in-floor radiant heating systems
  • Distribute heat to multiple levels, or dwellings, using a single boiler system
  • Converting hot water heat to fan forced air from outdoor wood furnaces

These are just a few of the many applications our air handlers & unit heaters are used for. With many sizes and options to choose from, we're sure to have one to fit your needs.

Unit Heaters

Built for quality and performance, our unit heaters offer better performance, heavier gauge construction, and increased installation flexibility, all in a nicer looking package. Equipped with variable speed motors ( excluding UH-18 ) the unit heaters give you the ability to fine tune the balances between performance and efficiency.

These heaters are another excellent way to convert your hot water to forced air heat. Our unit heaters also work excellent in combination with hot water in-floor heat. This combination gives you the comfort of in-floor heat as well as the quick recovery of forced air all from the same heating system.

All our unit heaters can be easily converted from a right hand water supply to a left hand water supply. Each unit heater is designed to be used with a 110 volt thermostat.
Thermostat and speed control sold separately.

Models BTU EWT 200° BTU EWT 180° CFM Blower Speed Water Lines HP Shipping Weight
UH-18 19,732 16,881 180 - 1.4 1" 1/30 30 Lbs
UH-60 64,923 55,506 700 - 1.4 1" 1/30 53 Lbs
UH-95 102,058 87,243 935 -1.6 1" 1/20 69 Lbs
UH-140 158,184 135,066 1,770 - 3.9 1" 1/4 85 Lbs
UH-190 206,831 176,585 2,278 - 4.9 1" 1/4 100 Lbs
UH-225 244,239 208,638 2,690 - 4.1 1" 1/4 112 Lbs

Air Handlers

Our air handlers are designed for performance & reliability and are an excellent choice for converting hot water to forced air heat. These air handlers also perform well with forced air add-ons such as central air conditioners, electronic air cleaners and humidifiers etc. Our air handlers can be installed in a up flow, down flow or horizontal air flow position, offering ultimate flexibility.

Air Handler Features :

  • 4 Speed Direct Drive Blowers ( 3 speeds on AH-70 )
  • Capacitor run motors with sealed bearings
  • 24 Volt Controls ( Pre-wired )
  • Painted Exterior ( Gray semi gloss )
  • Filter
  • Filter Rack
Models BTU EWT 200° BTU EWT 180° CFM Blower Speed Water Lines HP Shipping Weight
AH-70 77,728 65,958 768-L 1" 1/4 105 Lbs
AH-95 106,241 90,014 1,158-L 1" 1/3 105 Lbs
AH-115 126,023 106,850 1,467-M 1" 1/2 129 Lbs
AH-135 151,856 128,753 1,691-H 1" 1/2 131 Lbs
AH-150 160,813 136,344 1,769-H 1" 1/2 133 Lbs
AH-195 212,413 179,974 2,500-H 1" 3/4 169 Lbs
AH-220 233,373 197,884 2,498-H 1" 3/4 172 Lbs

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