Boiler Stop Leak - 1 Quart

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Part Number:50-066

SAFE LIQUID BOILER STOP LEAK is scientifically formulated to form a water insoluble seal in steam and hot water boilers and entire hot water systems including radiant systems.

  • Safe to use in all boilers
  • Contains no petroleum or hazardous components
  • Will not sludge or clog
  • Will not surge
  • Compatible with propylene glycol and ethylene glycol anti-freeze



Drain system until water level is 2 inches below normal level.  Shake well, pour SAFE LIQUID into any opening.  Replace fitting.  Raise water level until all leaks are covered.  Heat water to 140° until leaks are sealed.  OR mix SAFE LIQUID with water in a pail and inject directly into boiler drain with a SILVER KING Force Pump.  Maintain heat until leaks are sealed. 

Use one quart for each 110,000 BTU's of boiler rating.