SUPER POLAR GRADE No-Freeze Concentrate - Propylene Glycol

Super Polar Grade  No-Freeze Concentrate is pure high grade propylene glycol with special anti-corrosion inhibitors and color indicators.  No-Freeze products contain propylene glycol because propylene glycol is the only material safe for most ordinary anti-freeze requirements. This is because propylene glycol is non-toxic and non irritation and eliminates the possibility of contamination domestic, potable water with toxic materials.  

Best way to test freeze protection is with a refractormeter. Refractometers are extremely accurate, easy to use and effective, regardless of solution colors, dyes and temperature.  

No-Freeze lubricates pumps, valves and moving parts and will not harm plastic or rubber seals, diaphragms or washers. No-Freeze will not support bacterial growth.

New Systems should be designed with an air cushion as much as 20% larger then required for water only systems to allow for low and high temperature expansions.  In order to avoid a loss in heat transfer efficiency, new systems should be sized for increased flow rate to compensate for lower heat of no-freeze solutions and, therefore, have no efficiency loss. 

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Super Polar Grade No-Freeze is available in 55 gallon drums.  Call us for quote & Shipping, Toll Free 866-361-7355

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Yes,  If your ordering in full pallet quantities we pay the freight for you.
Full pallet quantities: 5 Gallon = 48 Pails  & 55 Gallon = 4 Drums