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Hydronic Heating Supply is your one stop shop for all the necessary components to install an Outdoor boiler to any heating system. Outdoor boilers are also referred to as outdoor stoves, furnaces or hydronic heaters. Crown Royal Outdoor Burning Stoves known as boilers, furnaces or hydronic heaters are the least expensive and most economical way to heat in the winter months. 

Some of the main components that we stock are pumps, water to air heat exchangers, brazed plate heat exchangers, underground piping, brass and copper fittings, chimney caps and extensions, unit heaters and air handlers, ball valves, zone valves, stainless steel manifolds, pump flanges, pex fittings and tubing.

Outdoor boilers can be fitted to any hydronic, radiant in-floor, forced air (oil, propane, or natural gas), heat pumps and much more. Proper installation will ensure your outdoor boiler is operating with peak performance and achieving the greatest efficiency possible, saving you time and money. Energy efficient with readily available renewable resources make it a number one choice for heating in many cold climates.  Key factors like well insulated underground piping and proper anti-corrosion chemical can increase your efficiency and longevity of your outdoor boiler.  

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